What we offer

Security Audit

Using industry leading security tools & skills

We perform comprehensive security audit and reporting for your Wordpress site utilising best in class tools.

We discuss and review the audit together to highlight the key areas and then we apply the fixes to ensure a safe adn secure site for you and your customers.

Security Covered

Using industry best practice and tools we are able to deliver a comprehensive security layer to your website to defend against DDoS attacks, SPAM, malware, information disclosure.


We offer WAF and Firewall protection. We deliver global IP address blocking and auto blocking of IP addresses that are not supposed to be there

Secure Services
We generate SSL certificates to your site to allow you to serve all traffic under the HTTPS services.

Extra snippets

Login Protection
We block unwanted attempts and ensure only you can access the site

Two-Factor Authentication
We can deliver TFA via app or email to ensure additional measures are in place for access to your site


We put in place 24 x 7 automated monitoring to ensure that even when you are sleeping we are protecting

“The security on our site was compromised, we asked DBW to help, they did and we have never looked back – definitely the best investment we have made on our site” – N.G

Safe & Clean

We deliver a site wide cleanse of your site and core backend to ensure that any existing malware or stagnant files are removed

Our alerts will identify any vulnerabilites withn your site and we will set a plan to resolve, quickly and safely.

Find out more on how we can help, with monthly packages starting from £65.

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